The Hearts
Newport trio blast back...

The Hearts aren't a band to let other people do the dirty work.

For the Newport trio independence comes at a price - and that price is a decent, honest day's graft.

New EP 'Lovers Drug' is out now, and Clash is able to premiere a new video for the title track.

It's a song that means a lot to the band, as Alex Nash explains: "Lovers Drug is a track I started writing about a year ago. It came together around the riff, which had just been floating about on my dictaphone with no real plans to do anything with it. I woke up one morning with a buzz and started banging out chords patterns and melodies over the riff and voila!, the seed was planted."

"Lyrically the song is a nod to our younger years, lust and love in an adolescent minds. Addictive, but hard to work out which one you crave more. Good times."

As ever, The Hearts took close control of the filming process: "Again, we shot the video ourselves in Splott Warehouse in Cardiff, a place that's been host to some crazy raves over the decades funnily enough. It's a simple concept, I guess; I pop a (pill) love heart, it hits me, love it/hate it, repeat. By the time we did the final shot I was sugar wired and must've eaten a lifetime supply of sweets that said 'be mine' and 'tickle me'. Rock 'n' roll, eh?"

Check it out now.

'Lovers Drug' EP is out now (purchase LINK).

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