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The Hazey Janes

The Hazey Janes know their influences.

Between them, the four Scottish musicians probably have enough vinyl to fill a small warehouse, enough wax to fuel a candle factory for, well, a very long time indeed.

So it's tempting to name certain influences when approaching their work. Those Big Star jangling chords, for example, or the near-psychedelic flourishes of brothers-era Beach Boys.

Yet The Hazey Janes have a style, a voice all of their own. In a career which has spanned ten years and three (soon to be four) albums, the band have shifted between their local pub and the Royal Albert Hall.

Focussing on their next statement, new album 'Language of Faint Theory' drops later this year. Ahead of this, Clash is delighted to be able to premiere new video 'The Fathom Line'.

The track itself is a homage to their home city of Dundee - birthplace of Clash and home to many wondrous musical beings. Singer Andrew Mitchell explains: "For many years Dundee’s long and illustrious, if somewhat tumultuous, past has been the source of much debate and deliberation in both song and literature. While ‘The Fathom Line’ continues that tradition, weaving through tragedy and triumph of the history that hangs in the air through the city by the Silvery Tay, it observes and celebrates the plight of the underdog."

Rifling through little seen footage of the area's history, the band have constructed a clip which is both touchingly nostalgia and a far out visual trip.

Watch it now.

Photo Credit: Ross Fraser MacLean

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The Hazey Janes will release their new album 'Language of Faint Theory' on June 2nd - pre-order link.

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