Reclusive producer makes another statement...

Information is a premium when it comes to The Code.

The reclusive producer keeps their identity a closely guarded secret, allowing each track to sketch out a unique story.

Building towards new mixtape 'Mercury', it's a journey we're glad to be a part of, with The Code's lush electronics leaping into fresh worlds.

New single 'SlowdancinginAmerica' is a bold, vivid return, the colourful, textured electronics merging to forge something genuinely beautiful.

Amid swirling digital abstraction the soothing vocal sings: "Moving at the speed of sound, just out of orbit – am I dreaming?"

The Code comments...

“I’m not hiding. I’ve always believed that my music is bigger than who I am. It has the power to be formless and the potential to impact upon the world and to bring people together, which is truly beautiful. Unfortunately, people’s art is rarely removed from their physical identity – few people even entertain that idea. The reality is that I just want to make music and have everyone hear it.”

Watch the video in full below.

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