Perfectly formed folk-pop...
The Cadbury Sisters

The Cadbury Sisters are devoted to their mother.

Three real life siblings, the sisterly trio have developed a knack for wonderful songcraft, for pop-infused folk melodies which refuse to dislodge themselves from your head.

Debut EP 'Close' was lauded by none other than Blur's Dave Rowntree, who played the title cut on his XFM radio show. Named after their mother, new EP 'Sarah' will be released this week, the band have proved that time away has only emboldened them.

Due to play Glastonbury, The Cadbury Sisters have decided to toast their return with a new video. 'Get This Feeling' is an enthralling return, and - matched to some special visuals - it's a seductive introduction to The Cadbury Sisters.

Check it out now.

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