"A downtrodden telekinetic is out-of-place, surrounded by drugs and orgiastic party..."

At some point in 2016 Alex Toth found himself with a broken leg, and a broken heart.

Retreating to his Brooklyn apartment, he was forced to begin again, moving slowly at first as he re-built his confidence.

Music became both a crutch to lean on and a vessel for his hopes and fears, with Tōth starting to take on a life of its own.

New album 'Practice Magic And Seek Professional Help When Necessary' is the end point of this process, packed with dreamy pop thrills and intelligent lyricism.

New cut 'When I Awoke' is one of the album's key emotional and aesthetic moments, a point where Tōth emerges blinking into the light.

The visuals were crafted in Turkey, alongside celebrated director Mu Tunc. Alex Toth comments...

"I saw a film Mu Tunc made for my label mate - shot in the Oman Desert--and was floored by the quality and cinematography. When I reached out to him, he shot back an idea for 'When I Awoke' that stunned me: 'a downtrodden telekinetic is out-of-place, surrounded by drugs and orgiastic party' and sent along the final scene of Tarkovsky's sci-fi masterpiece - Stalker - as a reference."

"He didn’t know my album was called 'Practice Magic…' and he didn’t know that i’d been through a very real struggle understanding who I was and how to exist in the world for awhile after I got sober."

"I played a solo show while I was there and last minute at the venue wrote and performed a song with this brilliant young Turkish drag queen named Rose who I met on set. The whole experience there blew my mind and between Rose and Mu and the countless other amazing people I met, I fell in love with that city..."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Michael Leviton

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