Shot by Pinar and Viola...
Sofie Winterson

A harbour city, Amsterdam has always absorbed an astonishing myriad of influences.

It's partly why the area's arts scene is so buoyant. With affordable housing, residents of Amsterdam can find themselves nestled between a techno producer and sculptor, a novelist and an acoustic troubadour.

Sofie Winterson is all of these and none. Signed to innovative indie label Magnetron Music, the songwriter picks her influences from across the spectrum, utilising whatever sounds come to hand.

New single 'Said And Done' is a lush, inventive piece of songwriting. In keeping with her experimentalist tendencies, renowned arts team Pinar and Viola have stepped in to work on the accompanying video.

Respected for their work in the avant-garde art and fashion scene, the directorial duo open the clip by rummaging through a dustbin before panning out to a street dance scene.

Incorporating its surroundings in a uniquely inventive way, this is an apt introduction to the work of Sofie Winterson.

- - -

Sofie Winterson's new album 'Wires' will be released in May.

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