Spectral Irish newcomers...
Slow Skies

Sometimes you can only know a place - really, truly know it - by leaving.

Karen Sheridan was born in Ireland, grew up in Ireland, but elected to study in London. With her academic tastes satisfied, the aspiring songwriter returned to her native Dublin and found that she was able to focus in a new way.

Meeting Conal Herron, the pair quickly struck up a working relationship. Debut EP 'Silhouettes' was recorded in kitchens, sitting rooms and bedrooms around Ireland, with Slow Skies evolving into a project imbued with an understated sense of drama, a downbeat view of the cinematic.

Follow up EP 'Close' proved to be the clincher. Slow Skies are touched by black, infected with noir - a glamourous shadow falls over everything they touch, a melancholy, a longing which can't be shrugged off.

Taken from the EP, 'On The Shore' shivers with promise. Feel Good Lost have stepped in to supply visuals, shrouding Karen Sheridan in monochrome as the music ripples, evolves around her.

Watch it now.

- - -

Set to play this year's CMJ, you can catch Slow Skies at the following UK & Ireland dates:

6 London The Waiting Room
8 Dublin Unitarian Church

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