New material from the multifaceted Bristol artist, and friends...
SJ Esau

Bristol's musical heritage goes deep - deep enough for critics to stop bloody well comparing every other act to emerge from the city to Massive Attack.

But SJ Esau, if you'll forgive us, does put us slightly in the mind of the influential trip-hop outfit, albeit more through mood than any specific sounds. 'The Pull', the video to which is premiered here, creeps from speaker cones in a manner comparable to the eerier moments of Massive's 'Mezzanine'. Again, it's not just like it, at all. But the darkness is comparably... dark.

SJ - otherwise known as Sam Wisternoff - has been making his singular brand of beats-kissed experimental music for some time. Two previous LPs, 'Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse' (2007) and 'Small Vessel' (2008), were released through the highly respected Anticon label of Los Angeles, currently handling stateside affairs for the phenomenal Young Fathers. His third is titled 'Exploding Views', and is released on March 3rd via fromScratch.

'The Pull' finds SJ collaborating with rapper Doseone (of cLOUDDEAD, Themseves, 13 & God and Subtle) as well as cellist Charlotte Nicholls, who also contributes vocals. The video is animated by Daniel Bennett, capturing perfectly the delightfully uneasy atmosphere of the track.

'Exploding Views' can be pre-ordered right here. Find SJ online here.

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