Japanese multi-instrumentalist returns...
'You Can Be A Robot Too' screenshot

Hugely talented, Shintaro Sakamoto is a renowned multi-instrumentalist in his native Japan.

Alongside this, though, the artist is known for his visual designs. Fantastically imaginative, the two disciplines - music and visual arts - sometimes bleed into one another.

Recorded with a children's choir, 'You Can Be A Robot Too' is one of the highlights from the composer's recent album.

Deciding to craft a video, Shintaro Sakamoto went wild. Returning with something half-way between Japanese children's TV and an outlandish dream-scape, it's a beautifully crafted video.

Shintaro Sakamoto introduces the video:

"Since my original concept for 'You Can Be a Robot, too' was something like a song from a children's TV show, I had a children's choral group sing over the same backing track as the version that appeared on the album. For the music video, I got the idea to make an animation that had that same sort of vibe to it. I thought it would be great if an actual children's show broadcast my video, but since that would never actually happen, I decided to put together my own sort of children's show within the video. Cute singing voices further highlight the frightening worldview the original song has."

Watch it now.

Shintaro Sakamoto's new album 'Let's Dance Raw' is out now.

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