A lush return from the much-tipped songwriter...
'Share Your Stone'

Sam Way has always harboured a love for music, an urge to create.

A successful model - you'll no doubt recognise his face - it turns out that his songwriting is of a rare, assured, mature vintage.

Softly delicate songwriting matched to some superb arrangements, mini-album 'Archetype' arrives on August 18th.

Produced at Cafe Music Studios, it marks more than 12 months of continual searching. Sam explains: "The songs on this album came together throughout 2016. A lot changed for me that year and yet I saw myself telling the same stories. I came to see these songs as embodiments of my archetypes, the sides of myself, often conflicting, that live within me. But these stories weren't just my own, they were explorations into the human condition, they were other peoples too."

This universal nature reaches new heights on 'Share Your Stone', a real highlight from the upcoming mini-album.

Clash is able to bring you the video before anyone else, and it matches that subtle music to some entrancing visuals.

Tune in now.

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