Poetic, introspective new track...
Breaks and Bone

The search for inner peace takes many forms.

For some, art can help. Glasgow based guitarist, singer and songwriter RM Hubbert has opened up about the problems he has faced, and his brave attempts to overcome them.

Throughout it all, though, was music. A wonderful musician with a dextrous, flexible touch, his solo work has slowly, gradually found a wider audience - culminating in Hubbert winning the Scottish Album of the Year Award earlier this year.

Ever productive, the guitarist has now completed a follow up. 'Breaks & Bone' is out now, with the material focussing on moving on, on shifting past personal boundaries boundaries.

In contrast to previous album 'Thirteen Lost & Found' the new material makes extensive use of Hubbert's own voice, with that warm timbre shining through on each track.

'Bolt' has received the video treatment, with Ruth Mills stepping in to direct. A simple clip, it focusses on a young girl attempting to complete a yoga routine, becoming more and more distressed before finally achieving some kind of breakthrough.

With RM Hubbert's beautifully complex guitar floating around her slow, painstaking routine, it's an unusual yet evocative video which highlights the personal in the songwriter's music.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Breaks & Bone' is out now.

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