Animated by Chris Shepherd and Jocie Juritz...
'Makin' Babies' screenshot

Reverend And The Makers are a name which has rather fallen by the wayside.

The Sheffield outfit are determined to fight back, though, with a new album due to arrive later this year. Noel Gallagher has already heard the material, and claimed to have "shat in his smoking jacket" when the stereo switched on.

Clash is able to premiere the video for new cut 'Makin' Babies'. A breezy, psych-pop hymn reminiscent of those early Coral cuts or even Michael Head, the video itself beautifully compliments the track.

An animated love story packed with action, 'Makin' Babies' was constructed by Chris Shepherd and Jocie Juritz.

Here's the Rev with an intro:

"The film is made by Chris Shepherd and his colleague Josie. I've always wanted to work with Chris ever since he won all those awards for his short film "Dads Dead", and I loved the "random acts" stuff he commissioned for channel 4. I feel like he gets me better than most, with the northern working class background and stuff. I guess the bike into animation thing is a subconscious nod to Michael Jacksons speed demon from Moonwalker."

Check it out now.

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