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Pop Noir

Clash is proud to present the premiere of LA-based, Manchester-bred dance-pop duo Pop Noir's new music video for 'Jealously', the title track from their latest EP.

The video mirrors the song's straight-ahead tale of loneliness and longing, pining for a past love and succumbing to baser instincts of jealously and possessiveness.

There's nothing subtle going on here and nor need there be. If you've ever been at the same club as your ex, and seen them dancing with someone new, then you'll strongly relate to his clip.

There's no deeper meaning and you won’t have to listen to the track multiple times before you get; 'Jealousy' is immediate and palatable, with no trickery or twists.

The thick, methodical drumbeat will keep you moving in time and the catchy chorus of "jealousy, I’m on fire" is sure to play over and over again in your head. Not only is 'Jealousy' a track designed to get a dancefloor writhing, but also it will likely turn out to be a real-time soundtrack for some unlucky heartbroken clubbers.

Pop Noir are twin bros Luke and Joe McGarry. The sibling duo’s new EP 'Jealousy' is out now through via their own Fantastic Heat imprint and also available on iTunes.

Watch it now.

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'Jealousy' is out now.

Words by Marc Zanotti

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