Melbourne art pop enthusiasts...

Melbourne has always been a hub for Australian arts.

It's a city that thrives on a liberal atmosphere, a place where people feel free to simply be themselves.

Parralox are Melbourne residents, and their artful synth pop couldn't really come from anywhere else. New single 'Wildlife' is both immediately contagious and thoroughly mind-blowing, and comes equipped with some striking visuals.

Airing first on Clash, Parralox introduce the video thus:

"I nearly cancelled the shoot because I couldn't get the Stedy Cam to work. I initially planned to film everyone walking about the city, having fun and just being mucking around, bumping into strangers and causing trouble (in a minor way!) with the video ending up with the talent all in one place, with the camera panning up showing me as a puppet master pulling the strings on everyone's arms and legs (the strings would have become visible in the final scene) hence the reason for them causing so much chaos while walking the streets."

"But seeing as the Stedy Cam was unusable, I had all the talent just sitting there waiting for something to happen. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I had the thought of getting them each to appear in front of the camera, one by one. I told them I had to "test" the camera and need to focus the lens, etc so while they were aware they were being filmed, they didn't realise the footage was actually in consideration for serious usage. In the back of my head I was thinking about New Order's music video for 'Round And Round' and how the director also used the same technique of using the "off air" footage as the actual clip, and thought it would be cool to do something similar as I would capture the honesty and innocence of each of the players. Thus, the actual video for Widlife is one long unbroken scene, with a few special effects added for dramatic flare."

Check it out now.

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