A murky twilight world...
Night Cafe

OMD have always sought inspiration from far beyond the pop realm.

Soaking up various strains of music, literature, architecture and art, OMD recently returned with new album 'English Electric'. Widely hailed as a return to the band's early vitality, it was a thoughtful document which fused an effortless pop touch with some unexpected influences.

'Night Café' immediately stood apart, thanks in part to its contagious chorus line but also its melancholic subject matter. Andy McCluskey explains: "I was in New York for the first time in 20 years. I was feeling melancholy. It was -9 degrees, it was dark and I was on a street corner looking into an almost empty restaurant. How could I not be reminded of Edward Hopper's paintings?"

There's a visual property to 'Night Café' which lends itself easily to the video treatment. However the new animated clip from OMD will take most by surprise - a gently composed, humorously arranged video, there's a vein of violence, sex and tragedy at every turn.

A wry, funny trip through a murky twilight world, you can watch it first on Clash.

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'Night Café' will be given a full single release on September 16th. Need some more OMD in your life? Clash asked Andy McCluskey to pen a tribute to Kraftwerk earlier this year - a fascinating insight, you can find that feature HERE.

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