The life and times of a dreamer...
Noah Francis Johnson

Noah Francis Johnson sets his ambitions high.

The songwriter name-checks only the greatest, the grandest of songwriters. Lyrically, Johnson is inspired by Bob Dylan, with the newcomer attempting to translate his thoughts, his feelings into snippets, words, phrases.

New album 'Life & Times' attempts to distill what Noah Francis Johnson has discovered thus far into one coherent chunk. As the songwriter himself explains:

"In the moments writing the album I knew I was writing something that deeply defined so many facets of many conflicting feelings, reflections of family lost, a child loved, appreciation for the honest man, truth, all carved, shaped and made by the man that inspired me, my father. He had an incredible effect on me, not only as a musician, but as a human being. More than just a culmination of memories, 'Life and Times' is my awakening, letting go, about finding myself."

The title cut is a graceful introduction, all lilting acoustic guitar and soft-focus vocal. Noah Francis Johnson seems to understand that less really is more, and sometimes the greatest impact can come from the lightest of blows.

Watch the video for 'Life & Times' now.

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'Life & Times' is set to be released on February 24th.

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