Football! Nudity! Tunes!
Myles Manley

Myles Manley is one of those eccentric geniuses who light up their surroundings.

Based in Dublin the songwriter is friends with Girl Band are plays his idiosyncratic indie pop hymns at venues across the city.

'Pay Me What I'm Worth' is a fine introduction for those new to his charms. Eccentric, off kilter and totally addictive, it's a succinct cross-section of his whims and obsessions.

Bob Gallagher has stepped in to help produce some visuals, and you'll have to search far and wide for a more eye-opening clip.

Interspersing archive football footage with some hilarious, newly shot scenes, 'Pay Me What I'm Worth' matches to sport to outrageous (and side-splitting) nudity.

Check it out now.

'Pay Me What I'm Worth' is taken from the collection 'More Songs', available on 12" record HERE.

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