Brotherly led group with lilting acoustic sound...
My Grey Horse

There is no closer relationship than brother to brother.

My Grey Horse should know - they boast three members of the Butler family. The group's pastoral sound is shot through with odd moments of tension, a taut dynamic that results from being all too close with one another.

Releasing two EPs in as many years, the band have developed a soothing, folk influenced sound. Debut album 'I Still Don’t Understand' will be released on July 28th, with new single 'Days Shall Follow' preceding it.

Due out on July 21st, it's a gently anthemic piece of songwriting, one which displays a rapidly flowering maturity. Backed with a video which features My Grey Horse (literally) up to their waste in river water, it's a curious choice but one which fits the atmosphere of the track.

Director Peter Butler: "I wanted to make a video that was slightly more thematic visually and less narrative. A lot of the concept artwork and photography that me and John had been working on for the LP involved being submerged in water. I’m not quite sure which idea came first but we knew we wanted to do something like that. I like making videos in amazing scenery because it does half the work for you and it’s just lovely being there. It wasn’t so lovely being in the icy water for hours…once it had gotten under the wet suit all you could concentrate on was not crying."

Watch it now.


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