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Milky Chance

As cliche has it: the internet has demolished national boundaries, creating a truly global landscape.

Yet is this really the case? Just take a look at Milky Chance, a group who have gone platinum in Germany whilst only making the merest pinprick here in the UK.

Well, that could change pretty soon. The pair's debut album 'Sadnecessary' is set to gain a full British release, with new single 'Down By The River' incoming.

An ideal introduction to the duo, 'Down By The River' features plenty of distorted beats (from Philipp Dausch) and some lush songwriting (from Clemens Rehbein).

Backed by an evocative video, watch the new Milky Chance clip on Clash now.

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'Down By The River' is set to be released on March 31st, new album 'Sadnecessary' follows in the UK on June 2nd.


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