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A hypnotic sound, an unusual name...

Milagres almost leap off the page, with their moniker alone betraying a unique sense of imagination.

Now on their second LP, the Brooklyn types are continuing to evolve. 'Violent Light' is out now, with Milagres pushing their be-jeweled pop into new, often quite dark, arenas.

Album highlight 'Jeweled Cave' has a blissful, spectral sound with Milagres fusing dramatic songcraft with almost pastoral synths.

Clash is able to unveil the video for 'Jeweled Cave' and its somewhat unusual. Let's allow director Mikel Cee Karlsson to explain further...

This video follows a gathering of a homogenous group of men, in many ways inspired by my own father. Men from rural communities who focused all their energy on work and providing for the family. Now, the children have moved out, the wife found a new love and the job has relocated to China. What remains is a socially and emotionally crippled being with arms hanging along the body, unable to understand what happened and what it means for their life. You can see them wander aimlessly, sometimes in groups, not really communicating, just caught in a form of cultural trap that they don´t realize exists.

When the woman enters the stage, she is an embodiment of power, strength and confidence. She is a symbol of the characteristics that the men once felt they had, or at least felt that they were supposed to strive for. A cultural idea that has lost it´s place in contemporary society but that the men of this generation still love and long for. Cause without it, they are truly lost.

Watch it now.

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