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Michael Price

Michael Price likes to throw himself into projects, to charge head-long into new areas and pursuits.

So the arrival of new album 'Entanglement' comes with no small degree of passion. Pure sound, the composer bills the material thus: “No click tracks, no headphones, and no film. Just the spontaneity of performance and the sound of musicians hearing, connecting and responding.”

Utilising found sounds and artful composition, the latest technology and some archive pieces, 'Entanglement' finds the artist using whatever means he can to get these sounds down on tape.

Due for release on April 13th via Erased Tapes, the working process was seemingly intense but has born rich rewards.

“I wanted to make an album that sounded like a dark, Berlin record store discovery from the 30s” he explains. “Something that had timeless emotive power, and pre-digital rawness. Something that I hope would make a deeper connection in superficially networked times.”

“I think there is a duty for artists to be honest, and vulnerable. Because then there is a possibility of real connection,” he continues. “'Entanglement' is both honest and vulnerable and to go through the two year process of writing, refining and recording an album has been more intense and more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined.”

Clash has obtained a short clip, featuring footage of the recording sessions. A glimpse into Michael Price' working process, you can check it out below.

Michael Price – Entanglement (Video Teaser) from Erased Tapes on Vimeo.

'Entanglement' is due to be released on April 13th.

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