Straight outta Malmo...
Marcus Norberg and the Disappointments

Marcus Norberg couldn't resist the bright lights of Malmo for long.

One of Sweden's real creative hubs, the city caught his attention when he was growing up in his home town of Sandviken.

Hurling himself into the Malmo scene, his way with an ear-worm melody helped establish a reputation within the city.

Previously working with highly regarded group YAST, Marcus is ready to focus on material under his own name.

New album 'Heal The World' is out on May 12th, with Marcus Norberg And The Disappointments sharing new cut 'Take It To The Grave'.

Slightly heavier than YAST but with clear-cut melodies, the track comes equipped with a startling, clay-mation video.

Directed by Caroline Landahl, Marcus Norberg and Niklas Wennerstrand, you can check it out now.

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