Exquisite shoegaze that peers into the distance...

Lowtide hail from Melbourne, one of Australia's real hubs for liberal arts.

The city's creative community is a vast network of musicians, artists, vagabonds, and dreamers, all criss-crossing past disciplines and genre lines.

Lowtide released their debut album last year, a highly creative piece of dreamy shoegaze that fused a fondness for beautiful texture with sharply defined songwriting.

New single 'Julia/Spring' arrives on January 27th via Opposite Number, and it's an exhilarating double-blast of fuzzed out guitars.

A hazy wash of effects, the somnambulist wash of 'Julia' was originally written and recorded in 1988 by the French band Asylum Party, while 'Spring' is sheer Lowtide.

A video has been produced that sluices together both tracks with incredibly evocative visuals - tune in now.

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