Blistering return...

Marauding around the nation, LOOM's stomping, menacing charm has cut through swathes of insipid indie.

Heading into the studio, last year's 'Lice' EP managed to trap their frenzied sound on record. New single 'Yosoko' drops on May 5th, with LOOM continue to evolve into something strikingly new.

The manic energy of those early recordings is still there, but expressed in a different way. Sure, those Cramps influences are still there, but instead of all out NOIZE the band are happy to let songs, even the odd melody, filter through.

Out via General Chang Records, the video for 'Yosoko' was directed by Tom O'Mara. All distorted visuals and wonky camera angles, the clip is flushed through with blue to reflect the band's nefarious nocturnal activities.

Refining that primal energy into something quite striking, you can watch 'Yosoko' now.

- - -

'Yosoko' is set to be released on May 5th.


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