Free spirits with a fine line in evocative melody...
Leyya (Credit: Gabriel Hyden)

Leyya are a duo from Austria with a magpie-like eye for sound.

Piecing together 60s pop with sitar sounds, electronic flourishes with a touch of brass, the pair's songwriting is both fantastically broad and neatly concise.

New single 'Zoo' arrives wonderfully well-formed, with Leyya combining all these elements and more into a summer-ready gem.

The duo explain: “The Idea for ‘Zoo’ came while watching a sitar lesson on the internet - it set a certain mood we wanted to transfer to our song, as well, so it’s quite meditative, but combined with our way of songwriting.”

Clash is able to premiere the visuals, and it picks up on both the subtle colour in the group's music and that meditative sense.

Tune in now.

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