From the re-issue of 'Daylight'...
Leo Abrahams

Leo Abrahams is one of British music's more curious talents, working with everyone from Wild Beasts to Brian Eno.

The composer's own work, though, stands in a quite distinct universe. Recent album 'Daylight' was sort of classical, but also not, it was sort of electronic, but also not...

Impossible to pin down, Lo Recordings have decided to release an expanded edition of 'Daylight' for those who may have missed it the first time round.

New cut 'Steal Time' takes pride of place on the new edition, with Clash able to premiere the succulent visuals.

Director Aisha Orazbayeva is a Kazakh-born violinist, who also dwells in strange corners of visual art.

An entrancing clip, you can check out 'Steal Time' below.

Order the expanded edition of 'Daylight' HERE.

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