A beautiful vision of Montreal creativity...
L.A. FOSTER (Credit: Lexi Pendzich)

Montreal is one of North America's real creative hubs.

The French-Canadian city is a traditional port town, continually looking outwards and accepting new, international influences.

L.A. FOSTER is based there, and a little of the city's independent bohemia has seeped into her music.

The musician's 2015 EP won acclaim, with a recent flurry of European festival shows featuring new music.

A full album is slated for 2018, with L.A. FOSTER content to release new single 'Waverly' as a treat for fans.

The single was co-written with Marc St Louis (Valleys) and mixed by Max Henry (Suuns), while the full video is rather special.

Shot in one day, between sunrise and sunset, and features a slew of Montreal artists: Mozart's Sister, Ouss Langhzaoui (Hoan) and Emilie Durville (formally of the Grands Ballets Canadiens) to name a few.

Tune in now.

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