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Kasper Bjørke

There's a thin line between pop music and art.

Sure, pop has often shown artistic pretences but only a few producers are genuinely concerned with the higher levels of art.

Danish artist Kasper Bjørke definitely makes art. Each production feels assured with the Scandinavian impacting a genuine sense of the cerebral into his music.

New album 'After Forever' will be released on September 15th, with new single 'Sylvia' appearing shortly before then. Blissful beats matched against CTM's cutting, emotive vocal, the track is remixed by several guest artists.

For now, though, Clash is content to showcase the inventive, performance based video for 'Sylvia'.

Berlin based dancer and choreographer Kiani del Valle has crafted a clip for 'Sylvia', utilising a handheld camera to produce something stylish and affecting.

Watch it now.


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