Bizarrely imaginative Icelandic troupe...
'Spell Of Platonic Reversal'

In its own quiet way, Iceland is a place where anything goes.

Virtually everybody on the island is creative in some form, allowing the arts scene to progress in some extremely strange directions.

The result? Just Another Snake Cult. Sitting somewhere between the more out-there elements of Brian Wilson's catalogue and the playful side of Ariel Pink's post-ironic persona, the band display enormous imagination.

A little overwhelming at first, each epic track seems laced with new ideas, potential directions for exploration. Set to play London venue the Stillery tomorrow (November 27th) as part of a Nordic x Estonian showcase, the band have decided to unveil their new video alongside the show.

'Spell Of Platonic Reversal' gains some out there visuals, which seem to mirror a bizarre mystical ritual. As we say, only on Iceland...

Check it out now.

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