Pieced together by Greatcoat Films...
'This Idea Of Us'

Jono McCleery knows when to be patient.

Live, each song unfurls itself with gentle grace, his voice curling round each chord, each plucked note on his guitar.

The songwriting itself seems to demand its own pace. So when Greatcoat Films became entranced with Jono's 'This Idea Of Us', they knew that they would have to obey its whims and tastes.

The film crew were invited to take up residency for a week in Margate earlier this year by Stephen Bass of Moshi Moshi Records as part of his PRAH Foundation artists residency programme.

Greatcoat produced three films, all revolving around the themes suggested by 'This Idea Of Us'. Clash is able to premiere the first, and it's both beautifully absorbing and emotionally frought.

Director Geej Ower explains: "The narrative follows one mans psychological torment as he battles with the memory of a past relationship. It's an emotional and physical story as our character attempts to rid himself of his past."

Watch it now.

This Idea Of Us from Greatcoat Films on Vimeo.

Jono McCleery's new album 'Pagodes' is out now - purchase LINK. Catch the singer at London's Bush Hall on May 23rd.

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