Joel Baker, Abra Cadabra
Vicky Grout's directorial debut...

Joel Baker has always been an exacting artist, a perfectionist in the way he approaches each new release.

When the songwriter sat down to sculpt 'Story' has was open enough to realise that it needed an extra voice, an extra source of inspiration.

So he hooked up with Abra Cadabra. The dexterous MC was able to hook on to the meaning of the song, adding something different while remaining true to Joel Baker's initial vision.

Joel tells Clash: "This song is inspired by many, many conversations I've had with the guys over the years about the complications of casual relationships. It's not this care free lifestyle people portray. It's actually a headache. I learnt the hard way, there's always strings attached. Me and Abs had a chat about the subject too and I think he puts it better than me actually. 'Make sure the girl you pick's just right'. I couldn't agree more."

The video is something to behold. Superbly stylish, it was shot in Stockwell and Tottenham by grime's go-to photographer Vicky Grout.

“As my first time directing, it was an amazing experience working with two incredible, very different artists.” says Vicky. “The video depicts a ‘day in the life’ of each of them, in their own, personal way. It was so sick to see both their personalities come out.”

Check it out now.

'Story' is the first track to be taken from Joel Baker's new mixtape - watch out for it later in the year.

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