Directed by Markus Hofko and produced by Dreambear...
Iris Lune

Iris Lune seem to drift.

The band evolved gradually, each member finding one another individually until the four piece coalesced in Brooklyn.

Equally informed by Bjork and Salvador Dali, their experimental indie sound is emboldened by colour, strengthened by shade.

New cut 'Triplets' recalls The Sugarcubes or even Animal Collective, a beautifully sketched out piece of music which obeys its own whims and passions.

Lead vocalist Ella Joy Meir states: "'Triplets' is a portrait of a couple's life we pass by as spectators, swaying gently between reality and dream. We glimpse into their world, enigmatically enchanting and unsettling in its beauty, and witness what lies beneath - the delicate web of an unrequited relationship. As we drift along their slitscanned innerness, time and space bend our imagination and fill the gaps."

Check it out now.

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