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Holiday Sidewinder

A change of scene, a change of style.

When Australian group Bridezilla split up in 2012, singer Holiday Sidewinder decided to get away from it all.

Relocating to London, the singer began building up a solo persona rooted in classic pop. Starting the year with a bang, Holiday posted a declaration on her Facebook page:

"I'm hoping to make a record in 2014 that will increase the national birth rate by at least 1%, have security guards whistling to themselves in a quiet hour and factory workers humming in the line. I hope all of the singles become wedding songs and karaoke classics. I hope it will be a musical landscape upon which to dwell in thought and prayer. I hope you dance. I hope you well up and then beam with joy. But hey, I don't ask for much."

Since then, new cut 'Carousel' has emerged online, causing an enormous stir in the process. There's a sense of classicism here, in the way that Holiday can reconstitute languid, widescreen pop into something thrillingly new.

Utterly addictive, 'Carousel' comes equipped with a highly stylised video. Shot - where else? - at a fairground lit up at night, Holiday Sidewinder is the star of show as she prowls the attractions in a gloriously beautiful outfit.

Watch it now.

- - -

Video Credits:
Director: Paul Barulis
Choreographer: Holly Blakey
Editor: Margarita Louca
Costume: Cassandra Scott-Finn

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