Blissed out vibes for the start of the week...
HiFi Sean

Monday mornings tend to be dreary.

Aching limbs complete the daily commute, leading to a day which simply serves to numb the excitement of the weekend.

HiFi Sean, though, has delivered a little present. A producer known for his roles in The High Fidelity and The Soup Dragons, the beat maker has re-emerged with a beatific outlook.

Pairing up with Glaswegian vocalist Jean Honeymoon, new cut 'Monday Morning Sunshine' is a blissed out ode to the week's origins.

HiFi Sean picks up the story: "The song came to me on my way back from an after-hours DJ set, at 8am on a Monday morning. The sun was shining in London and everyone was laughing and smiling. I realised then that Monday morning sunshine is way more important than any other sunshine in your life."

Check it out now.

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