Wistful Welsh electro pop...
Griff Lynch

Yr Ods are cult figures in Welsh music, with their commitment to treading their own path - and using their own language - gathering widespread respect.

The band's Griff Lynch has been working on solo material of late, and intends to release a series of singles.

The project kicks off with 'Hir Oes Dy Wen' on December 16th, a wistful piece of electro pop that retains a defiant sense of individuality.

Clash is able to premiere the accompanying visuals, and they're deceptively simple. Griff Lynch explains:

"So the song is a cocktail of deaths, breakups and boredom..."

"The concept of the video itself is that we're setting up for a video shoot. And I don't really want to be there, or at least I look a bit bored and agitated. You actually find out at the end that I'm not the artist, but a stand in for the artist who actually comes in to shoot at the end."

"It's all about feeling like your stuck in a moment, whilst everyone else gets on with shit around you. It was directed by myself, DOPd by Ryan Eddleston, who worked on American Interior and other Furries bits and bobs. It was art directed by Cardiff photographer Rhodri Brooks, who can be seen in the video."

Tune in now.

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