Entrancing, gender-fluid new video...
Gramma's Boyfriend

Gramma's Boyfriend seems to exist at the border of many genres, but partake in none.

A wild, psycyhedelic, punk rock dance party, the group's sheer flamboyance and colour is something to behold.

Led by Haley Bonar, the band's live shows are all delirious energy and hilarious fun. New cut 'Forget The Stones' expertly nails this, with Gramma's Boyfriend seeming to flit between several different styles at the same time.

The accompanying visuals emphasise this, a clip that fuses gender, race and sexuality into something wholly fluid and wholly free.

Haley Bonar:

"Our video was in no way shape or form made to represent a certain group of people. In fact, the video presents different races and genders because we want to meld the lines between all of these facades that so painfully divide us as human beings. All of the guys in our band are wearing makeup and earrings in the video because we think it's hot when dudes wear makeup. We chose our friends to be the alternate singers in the group because they are our friends and they are unique."

"I also really have a thing for drag queens, and was watching a whole lot of Ru Paul's Drag Race at the time of the shoot, which is partially why I asked my friend Jake to dress in a big beautiful dress and wig. Taking yourself too seriously can be a slippery slope, so we try to avoid that. Artists need to challenge people, even if it's only because the hairy drummer guy is wearing eye liner and you can't understand why you suddenly find him so pretty. That's what art is, right? Feelings?"

Check it out now.

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