Intriguing live clip...
Garden City Movement

The growth of the internet has shattered the West's dominance of pop music.

Perhaps the most obvious signal of this has been the impact of African culture on electronic music. This summer alone saw Shangaan Electro classes come to London, while South Africa's John Wizards delivered a perfect slice of electro-pop sunshine.

Now the Middle East could have its say. Based in Israel, Garden City Movement released their 'Entertainment' EP last month, a frenetic fusion of dancefloor-ready beats and intertwining vocals which seem to wrap themselves around your cerebral cortex.

Live dates beyond their native land have been few and far beyond, so thankfully a new clip has emerged of Garden City Movement in the rehearsal room.

'The More You Make It' is drawn from their recent EP, fusing an itchy sense of funk with synth-pop abandon. The tempo is cranked right up, while the stop-start structure leads to some breakneck turns of pace.

Laden with pop potential, you can watch the clip first on Clash.

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'Entertainment' EP is out now.

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