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Fiona Soe Paing

There are few places on the planet that can compare to Waiheke Island, an off-grid eco village in New Zealand founded by the original crew of the Rainbow Warrior.

It's the sort of place that draws you in, that holds a grip on the imagination - and it's where Fiona Soe Paing conjured her startling new album 'Alien Lullabies'.

Spectral electronics with an eerie, off-world feel, the alien nature of the compositions are matched to an urgent desire to communicate.

Out this week on Colliderscope, Clash is able to preview the record by unveiling new cut 'Winter's Day'. Fiona explains:

The song was developed from feelings of yearning, lost love, feelings that are sometimes so strong that you can't put them into words.. When I was writing the song I used vocal improvisations, based on pure gut feelings and emotion, and purely abstract sounds while I was making the melody, to use as “dummy lyrics” with the intention of going back and writing “proper” lyrics later... but whenever I tried to write words that made some sort of sense, it seemed to ruin the feel of the song – I really liked the impressionistic feeling of ambiguity that the song had when I used words in a kind of “pidgin English” with half-formed sentences. I think that also helped give the song a sort of timeless feel, that could belong to any era...

As for the video – well, it was initially a video for a totally different track, which we ended up not including on the album – we randomly tried those visuals with the Winters Day song, and miraculously they fitted really well, with the impressionistic feel of the visuals seeming to be tailor made for the track! I think the visuals are very beautiful, and give the idea of a filling up and overflowing of colour and emotion... That's what in the end we hope comes across, something beautiful and enveloping, without trying to spell out a meaning...

Watch the video below.

...and catch the original audio below:

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