Rising Swedish pop group...

"Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere" - Helen Gurley Brown.

Hailing from Sweden, Everywhere seem to impact a perfectionist sensibility on each new step. Pop in the loosest, grandest sense of the word, their's is a widescreen sound, a cinematic flair.

New track 'Soldier' is a case in point. Taken from upcoming EP 'American Grandeur' it's a piano led stomper, with Everywhere displaying a rhythmic dexterity to match their contagious melodic touch.

A song detailing the pressure to attain perfection in day-to-day life, the video for the track re-envisages this struggle as a genuine battle. For the shoot frontman Max Berga was forced to wear combat fatigues before eventually storming through the swamps of Gothenburg in little more than his birthday shoot.

Watch it below.

'American Grandeur' is set to be released on November 11th via Trompe L’oeill Records.

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