Brooding, atmospheric, and difficult to shrug off...
Esben and the Witch

Esben and the Witch have always been a group capable of casting a spell.

A three-piece whose atmospheric brand of songwriting seems to envelop, the band's new album 'Older Terrors' is - even by their own standards - a striking work.

Out on November 4th, the band conjure primeval essence on thundering new cut 'Marking The Heart Of A Serpent'.

The grinding, intense musicality is matched to dense lyrics, ones that speak of fear, sin, and ultimately redemption.

Esben and the Witch comment: "For centuries the snake has captured our collective imagination. Our deepest fears, our darkest sins, immortalised. This is our serpent song, a talisman and the third chapter taken from Older Terrors. We wanted the music to envelop the listener, a trance like journey from the soothing to the savage. A charm for the snake we all wrestle with, to coax and calm and find out where its open jaws lead."

Check it out now.

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