An engrossing, fluid live performance...
Elder Island

Elder Island utilise three components, three people, three different viewpoints.

Yet the reclusive collective are able to build enormously subtle landscapes, works that contain vast fields of imagination.

New five track EP 'Seeds In Sand' is a wonderful return, the mark of a group truly coming into their own in terms of songwriting and production.

Out now, Elder Island decided to head into Metropolis studios to shoot a live session, showcasing the interplay between each member.

Clash has nabbed the clip for 'Key One', and it's an incredible fusion of technical dexterity alongside rippling emotion.

They explain:

"People have described our music, particularly our live performances as analogue dance music, it is played fully. Key One epitomises this. We all use lots of hardware, with loopers at the heart of each setup, they are all in sync with each other which gives us the flexibility of building the tracks live. We are not bound to a backing track which allows us the freedom to extend and feed off one another, to twist certain things if we want to and react to an audience when playing live. We’ve been playing Key One for a quite a while now but it still gets us going. Having it recorded live at Metropolis brought it to life. To have the opportunity to play at such a high end studio and recording through an SSL desk was fantastic."

Watch it now.

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