From debut album 'Snack Fans'
Dog Chocolate

Dog Chocolate are four musicians from London, another product of the city's ever-buoyant DIY scene.

As the name might suggest, the group don't take themselves too seriously - scabrous, surreal wit is the order of the day, but beneath this the band manage to nail down some almighty hooks and some oddly emotive, ultimately endearing lyricism.

As the band themselves explain: "the domestic, emotional and metaphysical: purging your life of material possessions, cosmically ordering a pet, memories evoked by the tactile properties of objects, the impermanence of the body, confusion, holidays, environmental concern and hay fever".

New album 'Snack Fans' arrives on March 18th (pre-order LINK), with Clash able to unveil new cut 'Emotionally Bluff'. Torn and twisted guitars are matched to some off kilter vocals - check it out below.

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