Live at Candy Bomber studios

Dinky - real name Alejandra Del Pilar Iglesias Rivera - has never once stood still.

Born in Chile before travelling as an aspiring musician to New York, the artist's path has taken her across country, continents. Finally settling in the overwhelming milieu which is Berlin, Dinky was drawn into the city's complex web of electronic music, slowly forging her own identity in the process.

A highly regarded DJ and producer, Dinky has moved between styles - whether minimal techno or disco-house, it seems that she can find a place of her own anywhere. Hooking up with for Sven Väth's Cocoon imprint back in 2008, the producer released the house staple 'Acid In My Fridge' which is still getting plays across the globe.

Now, though, she's ready to use to begin using live instruments again. Working on a fresh studio album, Clash have been granted access to the singer's rehearsal studio. Breezing through 'Measures' and 'Falling Angel' it's clear that isn't some vanity project.

Like everything Dinky applies that moniker to, her new material is complex, carefully thought through and often fraught with the emotional complexities of the world we find around us. Dreamy without being dream pop, slow without venturing into slowcore both tracks are beautifully independent.

Watch it now.

Dinky Live @ Candy Bomber Studios from Alejandra Del Pilar on Vimeo.

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