Complex post-rock with a crucial emotional dynamic...

Glasgow group Dialects make complex, interweaving music that borders on post-rock.

Huge instrumental pieces, the band's upcoming single is one of their most ambitious, outwardly emotive pieces yet.

The double A-side 'Illusory' b/w 'When You Die, You're Truly Alone' is forthcoming, with Dialects helping craft an emphatic video that encompasses both tracks.

Guitarist Connor Anderson explains: "'Spectacular Supernovae' was the first one to introduce people to the characters and then 'it's not a ghost... it's gravity' allowed us to hint to the events of this video. This video ultimately is the middle part of the story but contains a key event we've been alluding to since the release of our EP. All the artwork, song titles and colour choices came into the design of the whole piece."

"Due to the nature of the double single being such a specific event Steve was actually the one that suggested a single cohesive video for the tracks. This allowed us to experiment a bit with the concept and push the boat a little bit more. We've seen bands do it before, and for a concept this big we gave ourselves nearly 10 minutes for a short story as opposed to nearly half that time."

Tune in now.

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