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An insight into rural Ireland and male depression...

Dublin based electronic producer Daithi marks the first in a series of double A-sides inspired by a personal break up and the rural surroundings of Ireland with ‘In My Darkest Moments’, the second track from said A-side

. It’s an emotional and encapsulating soundscape; featuring Dublin vocalist The Sei, and also Ryan Vail on piano, ‘In My Darkest Moments’ takes its listener on a dizzying maze exploring male loneliness and dealing with loss. Director Lochlainn McKenna has captured the essence of the Irish rural town beautifully, illustrating a unique introspective into two friends as boredom threatens to drown them.

“I wanted to make a film for Daithí’s song, which basically focuses on these two guys that let life’s opportunities pass them by”, says Lochlainn. “It may be that they didn’t manage to get the good job in the big city; maybe they didn’t get the exam results they wanted or needed, whatever it may be - they are now consigned to a near purgatory-like existence of boredom, repetitive drinking, smoking, mindlessly scrolling through their phones and watching shit TV.”

It’s an insight into the stigma that still lingers around male depression, as we see both our characters, played by Shane Doonan and Shane O’Regen, with each other at all times, but never uttering a word.

“The project scared me”, says Daithi, “but I’m also more proud of it than anything I’ve ever done.”

Words: Andrew Moore

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