New project from Mike Watt and Sam Dook...

More than thirty years on from the Minutemen's first show, Mike Watt remains a continual source of passion and inspiration.

Currently flitting between several different projects, Mike Watt recently sat down with The Go! Team guitarist Sam Dook to discuss new material.

Together the musicians form Cuz, a band whose unglamorous name belies a shrewd pop heart. New cut 'Tamatebako' is a fun mixture of The Go! Team's sugar-sweet pop music and Watt's inimitable bass playing.

The title track of their forthcoming album, the song re-tells an old Japanese legend about a young fisherman named Taro, who saves a turtle and is granted access to a magical kingdom.

The Go! Team's Kaori Tsuchida stops by on vocals, adding a wonderful J-Pop touch to proceedings. A video for the track was crafted by Japanese animator and illustrator Hideyuki Katsumata, who has previously worked with Little Dragon.

The results are, simply, spell-binding. Gorgeous visuals mingle with fantastic pop music, with the entire package quite, quite shattering.

Watch it now.

- - -

'tamatebako' will be released on May 12th.


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