ASL backed newcomers...
Crushed Beaks

It's not often than a band will arrive complete, fully formed.

But almost from the first moment Clash heard Crushed Beaks it was clear that the London group were something special. Essentially a duo - formed around the crux of guitarist / vocalist Matthew Poile and drummer Alex Morris - the noise-pop outfit bristle with promise.

Each song feels expertly pieced together, with verse, chorus, middle eight linking together with near effortless precision. Yet it never feels forced, with Crushed Beaks have a remarkably natural way with songwriting.

New EP 'Tropes' drops on Monday (September 16th) via label-du-jour ASL and lead cut 'Feelers' has already made a deep impression. According to Poile, the song deals with the essential unknowability of others: "No matter how telepathic you think you are can’t see into other people’s heads. But it’s not a bleak thing, it’s just about coming to terms with that limitation."

Clash is able to premiere the video for 'Feelers' and it's mighty special. Capturing a band on the rise, it's packed with the same vivid, unexpected sleights of hand which dominated their music.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Tropes' is out on September 16th.

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