Taken from long-awaited new album 'Wilderness'...

It's been a while.

Coldharbourstores released their debut album 'More Than The Other' back in 2002, sparking critical acclaim and a devoted cult audience.

And then the wait set in. It's been more than a decade since the group released a new album, but that long slumber is set to come to an end shortly.

New album 'Wilderness' arrives shortly, and it features production from Graham Sutton and a spoken word piece from critically acclaimed author Scott Heim.

Closing track 'Genie' is imbued with remarkable grace, a song that contains a real sense of poetry.

Jonathan Umurera-Pound has shot the accompanying visuals, an animated feast that perfectly compliments the band's music.

So, without further ado, prepare to welcome Coldharbourstores back into your life...

Coldharbourstores will release new album 'Wilderness' on January 20th.

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