The group take up martial arts in this funny new video...

Clean Cut Kid have always been an independent force.

This time, though, they want to take care of everything themselves - a DIY method that has seen them return to Liverpool, launch their own studio, and take care of an entirely new album.

Said LP is titled 'PAINWAVE' and it drops on March 29th, with fuzzed out bubblegum burner 'I Don't Like You But I Love You' leading the way.

A crisp, McCartney-esque slice of ear-worm melody matched to that innate live power, it's Clean Cut Kid at their finest, a divine piece of bittersweet guitar pop.

We've got first play of the video, and it finds Clean Cut Kid trying their hand at martial arts with shall we say 'mixed' results.

Here's what they have to say for themselves...

"Sometimes the people we love the most just so happen to be those who cause us the most pain, but we turn a blind eye - and we don't know why. We love how Cape Films interpreted this - someone needing approval from the person they've put on a pedestal, and even though they know it's not good for them they'll keep coming back for more."

"The song and video may appear to be looking at this from a comical side, but as with all our stuff there's something more behind it - something quite sad when you really look at the lyrics and think about the concept because this kind of relationship is toxic, but so common. It's weird what human beings do sometimes."

Tune in now.

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