Bittersweet synth-pop shapes from Oxford...

At first Candy Says wanted to move away from online saturation, and embrace IRL understanding.

So that's what they did. Debut EP 'You Are Beautiful; We Are All Beautiful' was only given a short physical run, but demand at their live shows saw two tape pressings sell out within weeks.

Spruced up for a full release on Beanie Tapes, Candy Says' EP ‘You Are Beautiful; We Are All Beautiful’ remains a beguiling, intoxicating document.

EP standout 'Gravity' has fast become the project's calling card, a bittersweet piece of songwriting with divine melody.

Julia Sophie Walker comments: "'Gravity' is about the fear of losing your connection to someone. When youʼre in a relationship you donʼt always feel like everything is great, but itʼs difficult to express that sometimes. You put on a happy face in public but behind closed doors you feel like youʼre falling apart. I always try to write pop songs, but I have this deep undercurrent of darker emotions that write themselves into the song when Iʼm not looking."

Frequent Beanie Tapes collaborator Siobhan Cox helped construct the video, which features Julia in the starring role. The singer continues:

"I’m a very emotional person but I’m good at avoiding how I truly feel. I suppose we all do that to a certain extent, it’s how we survive. When we accept that we feel lonely, that we miss someone, a warmth, a feeling, that’s when we learn about who we are."

"Sometimes these feelings are impossible to understand, you feel like you’re drifting, empty and no matter how hard you try to find something to help you connect, you just can’t. I like reflecting that disconnect with the mechanical production feel and then my voice and lyrics being the conduit to finding the connection".

Tune in now.

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